Saturday, June 13, 2009

How to make Money by using some easy methods!

I never thought I could make money online, but now I will show you how to.
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With Linkbucks you cloak Links and earn cash. Easiest method, just cloak links you are usuallly posting on forums / your Blog w/e.

Get paid when people click your links! You can turn any link into a paying link by converting it to a Linkbucks link.

Use it on forum posts, blogs and any website - where ever you post links. Their easy-to-use online conversion tool allows you to convert lots of links in one go - it even handles image code! Or you can add a script to your site which will automatically convert your links when your page loads.

Linkbucks is the perfect solution for former UserCash members who are now looking for another way to make money from their links!

And you can earn even more from your downline. Linkbucks has a great affiliate program where you get paid 20% of your 1st
level referrals' earnings, 10% of your 2nd level, and 2% of your 3rd level.

2. Filehosters with good Payment / DL Speed

Depositfiles - Stable Services and a very good Bonus Program. Use this for longtime Uploads.

And that's the big secret. With this 2 easy methods you could earn some Bucks a day with nearly no effort.

Free Traffic:

We all need lots of traffic for our sites here are some Tips.

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Self-explanory :D

EasyHits4U - Surf Ads to gain credits which you can assign to your Website.

Free Link Dump Submitter - a very good tool!


#1: Use the mentioned stuff to upload Pcitures, MP3, Movies etc. and post it on Forums/Blogs. If you need further help just send me an e-Mail ( tokidoki at

#2: Google AdSense is another great method! Just make sure to read their TOS before you start and don't overdo it!

#3: Make split archives out of files larger than 100 MB and upload the parts to different Filehosters (The Free-Users will thank you) but make sure to upload all parts to all hosters (again, the Premium Members will thank you).

#4: Twitter - Is not only great to see what your friends are up to but also to drive free Traffic to your Website. I recommend you to watch This Video - How to Use Twitter | Free Traffic Tactics which helped me a lot!
Oh and feel free to Follow Me :)

#5: Check this Blogs' AdSense sites, some of them are really useful :)

#6: You can download some very informative Free E-Books from my Blog. Just look at the Freebie section in the right frame!



  1. Do you use any other methods?

  2. Glad to see somebody who shares a similar hobby. I'm unfamiliar with LinkBucks, could you explain it a little bit better and talk about how well it works for you?

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  3. I manage to make every 3 months the minimum payout of linkbucks. I'm lazy, as mentioned :D

    And about every 2 Months 30$ from the Filehosters.

  4. Oh yeah, I keep adding some tips so stay tuned :>