Sunday, June 28, 2009

Regarding hotfiles new ranking system

How can i become platinum member / raise my rank?

Essentially to reach a higher status your links should sell more premium accounts. Here are few tips that may help you to be promoted to a higher type of uploader and eventually to reach the platinum status:
  • - Don't post links to different file hosting sites for the same file. This kind of mirrors allows users to simultaneously download from different sites and they have less incentive to buy premium.
  • - Don't switch every day to different file hosting service - that way people are less willing to buy a premium account, as they will need multiple premium accounts from different services to get all the content and that is more expensive.
  • - Do not upload files that you will not promote. Used server space is also accounted when your rank is considered.
  • - Put more effort into bringing more visitors to download your files, rather than to upload more files. If you are uploading 10Gb of files everyday just to have every file downloaded few times you are going to stick with Copper.
  • - Don't post on resources that have popups, try to install troyans and similar stuff. This way users do not have much trust and are less willing to pay.

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